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Split Album / CD

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01.Is it Lovely to be lonely (MN)
02.Young and wild (L)
03.In the branches live no sorrows (MN)
04.12:10 (speak yr heart out) (L)
05.Giving up is a daily fight (MN)
06.Made out of gold (L)
07.Gang of Rodez (MN)
08.Summer's Back (L)
09.Two Old Dictators (MN)
10.Rap Conversation (L)
11.Famous on the campus (MN)
12.The old rules are dead (L)
13.Tender hearts (MN)
14.The search (L)
15.Black Snow red Sea (MN)
16.Dazzled with the sun (L)
17.Joyful madchen (MN)